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When Marvin Gaye was singing “let’s make love tonight” in his song ‘sexual healing’, he didn’t make it so sensual by saying: ‘right; i’ll drive off and i’ll see you in 2-3 hours’. Of course not, he was singing about something that he felt on the moment and he wanted it to happen now. Any transport time would have simply killed the mood; and that is exactly what happens when you have to drive yourself miles away for a sex date. By the time you make it to your date, you’re tired and grumpy; and this kills the mood. Luckily you can avoid yourself all that hassle by finding sex partners that actually live at a reasonable distance, no need to kill your mojo in the process. Check our members who live close to you and send them a naughty message; you will be that much closer to getting laid!

Your Neighbourhood Friendly Local Sex Site

Do you remember the old Spiderman movies where he says that he is ‘your neighborhood friendly spiderman’? It sounds like he is doing a service to his whole community right? Well this might seem a silly comparison but we also like to see our site as being neighborhood friendly too. We’re a community where people come together because they want to have sex; and we just want to help facilitating the process of people getting laid. Using our site you will be able to gain better knowledge of your area; but of course we’re not talking about knowing the roads and streets. You will start knowing the women who live close to you, with many naughty local secrets being revealed before you eyes. Join our community of naughty adventurers and start getting familiar with the important things happening in your area.